FieldStack supports the ability to save adjustments to grids (filters, visible columns, column width) and sliding panels (how large a panel is). Windows that support this feature will show a "Layout" tab on the ribbon when that window is active (in focus).

Custom Layouts are saved to your user cache on that computer. They are specific to *your* login on *that* machine -- no other uses will see your layouts, and they will not follow you to other computers.

Switching Between Layouts

From the "Select Layout" dropdown, you can choose from any of the layouts that have been saved. The system layouts are:

[Restored] -- the layout when the window was last closed

[Default] -- the layout without any customization

[UserDefault] -- If set, this will be the default layout when the window loads.

Adding New Layouts
After customizing the view, you can name the layout in the "Edit" field, and click the check mark to save it for future use. Layouts that you save will be stored in the "Select Layout" dropdown.

Layout Initial Load

When FieldStack loads the form, it will *first* check for the [UserDefault] layout, then the [Default] layout. If you have not chosen to "Override Default", the normal [Default] layout will load.

Removing Layouts

To remove a layout, select it from the "Select Layout" dropdown, then click the "X" in the Edit field. You can do this with any layout, including the system ones -- they will rebuild themselves. Removing the [UserDefault] will push the window back to loading [Default] on initial load.