Security Tokens work in conjuction with User Roles to manage users' access within the FieldStack application.  Generally speaking, User Roles manage access to areas of the application while Security Tokens manage functionality with areas that a user has access to.   Security Tokens are also generally associated with functionality within the Point of Service area.

Each User Role is assigned a set of security tokens,

Below is an example of one role's security tokens.   Many roles are exactly the same and the security token is what makes them different.  

  • CanViewMarketPlacePrices
  • CanViewMarketPlaceTransferLocations 
  • CanReverseTransactions
  • CanAdjustCustomerPoints
  • CanAdjustCustomerCredit
  • CanUseCreditSlip
  • CanViewBuyBackPrices
  • CanOverridePriceNew
  • CanOverridePricePreOwned
  • CanOverridePriceBuyBack 
  • CanReceive
  • CanBuyBack
  • CanSend
  • CanRelabel 
  • CanChangePriceReceive
  • CanManageTimeClock
  • CanManageSchedules 
  • CanCustomerChangeTaxable
  • CanCustomerChangePriceCode
  • CanAcceptCheck
  • CanPutItemOnHold
  • CanTransferSpecialOrder
  • CanViewSalesReports
  • CanOpenDrawerWithoutTransaction