With the FieldStack Mobile App, it's now possible to receive away from the confines of a desktop computer. After logging in, press the Receive button. This will take you to the next screen.  

From this next screen you can choose a current purchase order. This will bind all scans to the chosen purchase order unless changed.

After getting into the select PO screen, you can see the open POs, with quantity and vendor name. Simply choose the PO you wish to receive against and continue. At this point you will be able to scan items. Note that if PO is switched without saving a transaction, It is possible to go back to the original PO and have the unsaved items return to the screen, ready to be received in.  

After scanning an item, it's possible to bring up a new menu of options for the currently scanned item. This is achieved by touching a finger to the screen on an item scanned. This menu is exemplified below. Simply touch the button you wish and continue to modify the receiving experience. 

A helpful tool is the Shelve Items button. With this button it is possible to scan a few items in, use the shelve process and come back to the items and PO at a later time in FieldStack desktop. Below shows the item options menu visible after touching a finger to an item. Push the Shelve Items button and the items will be saved and ready for later.


If an employee were to get back into receiving from the PO in which we shelved items in earlier, it would be as simple as opening the PO with the current order tab and selecting the correct PO. A popup will show confirming to load shelved items. Clicking yes will add the items into the receiving queue.