After adding the upstock list in the settings menu, it's possible to see the items sold which need to be re-stocked in your inventory. Simply tap the Upstock List button in the main menu and continue. 

After entering the upstocking screen there a a few options that can help organize the way items are viewed. Loading current list shows the most recent sales and items in need of upstock. Load Previous populates a master list of recent upstocking lists. Selecting one and tapping Load Selected pulls that specific upstocking list onto the screen.  Finalizing Current archives the current upstocking list. This can be accessed later using Load Previous. Load Local Files pulls lists that were accessed with the current machine in use.  

Holding a finger on an item once an upstocking list has been populated yields sever options. Item detail gives advanced information about the product including a picture, and filing location. Scan Location shows the location of the product at the time of the last inventory. Print Price Label is helpful when it is needed to print a new label for a specific upstocking product and a label has been compromised in some way. Verify is simply a way to remove the item from the visible upstocking list. It helpful for consolidation of the visible workload.