This article documents the steps needed to receive a new Touch Dynamic unit from the manufacturer and prep it for use in store.

New machines from Touch Dynamic come out of the box with some software and user accounts loaded, but must be installed on the appropriate account to prevent issues with user permissions. Initial startup will trigger the Windows Sysprep and will take you through the creation of another administrator account. The existing user accounts are FSadmin; an admin account for FieldStack administrators to use, and Retail, a standard account with no password, intended to be the primary use account. The Sysprep takes you through creating an additional admin account which is intended to be used by the client's support team. Username and password should be configured to the client's needs. 

Once the new administrator account has been created, log out of the new account and log into the Retail account. After a few seconds, the installations for both FieldStack and LogMeIn should start. Let FieldStack download and install, but stop once it gets to the configuration screen to take one of two actions: If you are replacing an existing machine, a configuration token must be made in Configuration Management in FieldStack. Use that token to complete the configuration. If it is a new machine (not replacing any machine), leave the config token blank and perform a new machine setup. 

*NOTE* When giving a machine with a preexisting configuration, make sure the machine that held the old configuration is no longer in use, as they will both be able to process transactions. 

Once FieldStack has been configured, or at least installed to the configuration point, complete the LogMeIn installation. It is important that LogMeIn gets installed on the Retail account, as it will be the primary use account and is not password protected. Once LogMeIn has completed its installation and the Control Panel opens, it will ask you to set an Access Code. Give the access code appropriate for the client and location. 

With FieldStack and LogMeIn installed, now is a good time to start downloading Windows Updates. Let them run while you perform the next few steps. 

At this point you will want to install and test any additional peripherals such as scales, barcode scanners, printers, cameras, etc.. Here is a brief list to help think about what peripherals may need to be installed:

-Make sure to check the printer queue setup and install/configure the appropriate printers. 

-The barcode scanner will need to be configured, depending on the model, download the appropriate configuration sheet and follow the steps outlined there. 

-New machines should come with a thermal receipt printer installed and ready to go, just make sure to print a test page in FieldStack.

-If the machine will be used to receive inventory files during a product inventory, you must install the drivers for the inventory scanners, available here.  

-Also be sure to turn off the 'beep on touch' setting of the touch screen, which can be found at Start>>eGalaxTouch>>Configure Utility, under the settings tab.

-If the store has a Google Drive account, you can also add the address to the favorites in Chrome. UPS is another site to link.

Once all peripherals are installed, and Windows is updated, your new machine is ready to go!