To Download the FortiClient VPN Application: 
  1. Visit
  2. Choose to download the proper OS version for your system
  3. Once download is completed, launch the installer

Installing the FortiClient VPN:

  • Please follow the installation prompts:
    • Checkbox – “Yes I have read and accept…” > NEXT
    • Install Directory – NEXT, Program Directory > NEXT, Press INSTALL, Wait for files to install, Press FINISHED

Launching and Configuring FortiClient VPN for the first time:

  • Launch the client (Desktop Shortcut)

  • Acknowledge prompt about application being a Free License.
  • Click Configure VPN and enter VPN details*. (*User credentials are provided separately)
    • VPN Type: SSL-VPN
    • Connection Name: "Fieldstack"
    • Remote Gateway:
    • Customize Port: 10443
    • Authentication: "Prompt on Login"
    • Check - "Do not warn invalid server certificate" 

  1. Now use your username and password and press Connect. In all future instances of running the VPN Client, you will only be asked to sign in using your username and password.

  1. Upon Connecting, you will see “VPN Connected” with status details below.


If any errors are experienced, please reverify VPN Connection Details and ensure your Username and password are correct. Please do not hesitate to have your IT Department reach out to Fieldstack Support for further assistance.