Check the buying tab in the bottom left corner of the screen to see if there is an alternative vendor with quantity that has not yet been ordered from. These vendors will appear above 0--------.  The primary vendor of the item will appear above the line as well as any other vendor who has the item currently in stock.  If another store has the item in stock, there will be a Store Transfer option.  Some vendors let you know if they have the item in stock, and if so how many. If there is an alternative vendor carrying the item, click on it and hit the Order button.

 Check to see if there are alternative options that may satisfy the customers’ needs by doing the following:

  • Double-click on the item description to look up items with the same Artist.  Check the item code of what had been ordered in the new Item Listing screen to compare that version with others.  Are there any other listings that may be similar and have a better chance of coming in?  If there are, make a decision on if you feel you should first check with the customer or not. 

  • If you decide to change the order, type the item code of the new item in the item code box on the Special Order screen and hit the save button.  Be sure to then change to the vendor you would like to order from and hit the order button.


*Important* you must hit Save for every alteration you do to a special order, except for when you are reordering, in which case you must hit the Order button.

Check to see if the order arrived.

Sometimes an order for an item may be placed, but it hasn’t been shipped out yet by the vendor.  You can check this by double-clicking the Purchase Order number.  This will take you to the Orders screen.  In the top half of the screen under the Ordered column, you can see how many pieces were ordered from that vendor, and under the Left column you can see of those ordered, how many pieces have yet to arrive.  If there are relatively few items in the Left column in comparison to the Ordered column, that will typically indicate that the order was filled and shipped already, with the items in the Left column being ones that the vendor didn’t have or wasn’t able to locate.  If there are a lot in the Left column but not the same amount as ordered, it may be that items were received from another vendor that were also on the order you are viewing or the order was partially shipped.  In that case, the shipment probably has not been sent yet from the vendor.

Can you ask the vendor if they have stock or look at their website to check stock?

Since not all the vendors automatically have their stock automatically listed, you can contact a vendor of the item directly and ask if the item is in stock or will be shortly. This usually works best for items that a store has recently had in stock.

Take the following steps for orders of items that will not come in.

  • Call or e-mail the customer to say we cannot get the item we ordered
  • Make a note in the Details box for the item in the Special Orders window and hit Save.  Stores see the same comments that you can, so it’s great to write complete notes:

 “Out of print. Left Message 10/31. DR”

                                “Emailed rep at VPD for stock check 10/31. DR”

Choose a date for completion for the item in the Special Orders window and hit Save.  When you set a future completion date, the order will no longer show on the “needs attention” screen, but will still be visible on the All Open Special Orders page and to the stores until its “completed” date.  If you left a message about a special order, it’s helpful to not “complete” the order until a later date.  That way if the customer comes in with questions, the store is still able to look and see why the customer had been contacted.  When the Complete date arrives, the special order will be removed from the store’s view.