Refined Searches

For more refined searches in the search box, three additional methods are available. In these methods, you would not finish the search by hitting the Enter key, but by using the F2 key.


Typing in an Item Name and hitting {F2} will complete a search for all listings beginning with the words entered (e.g. PINK {F2} returns PINK & NOSEWORTHY, PINK ANVIL, PINK 30 PIN USB CABLE, etc.).

{Shift + F2}

Hitting {Shift + F2} will search for listings exactly matching the artist’s name (e.g. PINK {Shift + F2} returns only PINK albums).

{Ctrl + F2)

 Hitting {Ctrl + F2} completes a search for listings with descriptions/titles beginning with the words entered (e.g. MADDEN NFL {Ctrl + F2} returns SEGA GENESIS/MADDEN NFL '94, WII/MADDEN NFL 07, etc.)

These methods can be useful when customers only have partial information on an item (e.g., they remember the title, but not the author or artist), or when you wish to find all works by a particular artist/author. It also helps to limit the number of undesired search results (in the earlier example, searching for just the word "Pink" might be too broad and return too many irrelevant results when the customer is only interested in the artist named Pink).