There are two ways to get to Store Transfers. 

The shortcut button located in the "Inventory Center" section of the Retail tab.

The second way is to go to the Order Center under the Inventory Tab, and then to the Order List. At the bottom of the Order List in the left corner, there is a set of tabs. Store Transfers can be accessed via its tab under Order List.

The store transfers screen looks very similar to the vendor returns screen.  They can actually be reached using the same button and selecting a tab at in the bottom left of the screen.  Much like the vendor returns page, the store transfers page gives information on the percentage complete, quantities, PO number to send/receive product with, and the orders destination and origination. 

You can also print a page with all of the items involved in the transfer by clicking on the "Print" button in the lower-right of the page. This page will resemble a pick list.