The Store Transfers screen can be used to view and process inventory that is to be transferred between store locations. There are two ways to get to Store Transfers:

- The shortcut button located in the "Inventory Center" section of the Retail tab:

- Order Center under the Inventory Tab, and then to the Order List. At the bottom of the Order List in the left corner, there is a set of tabs. Store Transfers can be accessed via its tab under Order List:

The store transfers screen looks very similar to the vendor returns screen.  They can actually be reached using the same button and selecting a tab at in the bottom left of the screen.  Much like the vendor returns page, the store transfers page gives information on the percentage complete, quantities, PO number to send/receive product with, and the order's destination and point of origin. 

You can print a report with all of the items involved in the transfer by clicking on the "Print" button in the lower-right of the screen. The printed report will resemble a pick list.