Many times you will need to modify or update a customer's loyalty details.  There are many reasons you may need to do this, but the most common reasons are:

-The customer's phone number has changed

-The customer's address has changed

-The customer's last name has changed (due to marriage/divorce, etc)

Keeping your customer details up to date is essential for the customer to have a smooth experience.  Consider this: A customer wants to special-order an item.  If you notify the customer by phone when the order is there, this requires a current phone number.  If the phone number is out of date, or if there is a different number they would prefer to use, this could be a major snag in their buying experience.  The customer may end up wondering why it's been three weeks and they still haven't gotten the call to let them know their order has arrived, when really you just don't have the proper number to contact them with.  You can see how this might be an issue and lead to some unhappy customers.  ALWAYS check that customer info is up to date when you'll need to contact them in the future.

To edit customer information, find them through the "Find Customer" button (ALT + F1) as you usually would for a purchase and click "Edit Customer" (Ctrl + E).

Alternatively, if you already have the customer selected, whether to place an order, complete a transaction, or for some other reason you can select "Edit Customer" (Ctrl + E) near where their name and transaction total appears on the right side of the screen.

Once you Select "Edit Customer" you will be presented with all of the customer's information.  You can edit any of this information just as you would enter it for the first time when setting up an account.  Once you have made the desired changes click "Save" (Ctrl + S) to save your adjustments.

Price Codes can be adjusted under the "license and additional information" tab. These are custom codes built to categorize customers.