This business catalyst report will roughly predict the number of copies of items that are predicted to sell, based on the item's Rating. 

Used to generate a report for Ingram to enhance their stock.

The available parameters are:

Days to Project: This is the number of days forward that you'd like to predict sales for (e.g., how many copies will I sell in 90 days?)

Results: The number of results you'd like to see.

Minimum Rating: This filter will only look at items above this rating. 

Max Street Date: Use this to only see items that were released *before* this date.

Sales Max Date: Show actual sales up until this date.

Months Back: Show sales this many months back from the "Sales Max Date" (e.g., show me sales 1 month before 3/1/2015).

Primary Config: This allows you to only view the projections of one configuration.