Content pages are general information type pages that you may want on your Website.   These pages may include store locations, FAQs, newsletter sign-up form, etc. 

Content pages may be defined as one of two different types:

One Column Content Page

Two Column Content Page

To create a new content page, select the appropriate content type for the format you wish the page to be (one or two columns) then click the New button. In the Content Key, enter a name that will become the page address (e.g.,  With this information you can create a “Link for Content” or link to this page from elsewhere on the site.  Enter a Page Title that will display on the webpage.  It is not necessary to change the Parent field which will update automatically as needed.  Enter HTML code in the bottom field and click Render to preview how the page will look on the web store.  When done, click the Update button to save changes.

Once complete, it is important to test your page on a mobile device and make sure it renders in a suitable fashion.   See our Tip Sheet for help with this.