Inventory Processing


Staff involved:

Scanners – Staff that actually scans the product

Team Leader – Responsible for

  • Loading data from the hand held scanners into the inventory file.
  • Assigning the Scanners the section they are to scan. 
  • Oversee the Scanner team to make sure that they are moving at a good pace and to make sure they are not missing anything

Re-Labeler – Responsible for picking up items that couldn’t be scanned by the scanners and either relabeling them or removing security cases so barcodes are revealed.

Before Inventory:

The goal prior to inventory is to set your store up in such a way that the inventory process goes as smooth and as quick as possible.  The primary goal is to make sure everything that is in inventory is in a place where it can be scanned and anything that is not in inventory is marked as such.  Specific things that should be looked at:

  • Hidden items – Look for all hidden product. Put it all on the sales floor or someplace where it is obvious that they need to be scanned.
  • Label unscannable items – Place the PLU or UPC on items that don’t have a scannable bar code.  These can be hand typed into the scanner units.
  • Promos – Box-up and put away all promos and non-inventoried give aways. No promos should be visible during inventory, you don’t want to risk them getting accidentally scanned.
  • Vendor Returns - All returns with RA #s should be shipped-out before the inventory. Returns without an RA should be completely sealed and clearly labeled “No Scan”.
  • Transfers - Repairs, defects, store transfers and other merchandise that may be in a transition mode must be clearly marked as needing to be scanned (currently in inventory) or not (not currently in inventory).
  • Section-Off Store – Make a chart of each section of the store and roughly how many items should be in that section.  This is can be a very helpful check and balance system to make sure that every section gets scanned and that all parts of the sections were scanned.
  • Product Carts and Staging Areas should be cleared.  This space will be used for the relabeling.

During Inventory

  • Non- Scannable Bar Codes – We strongly recommend printing out new labels for all items that have non-scannable FieldStack Bar Codes. Items with non-scannable bar codes should be placed in a bin or cart, relabeled and then scanned at the end of the inventory.
  • UPC’s can be scanned for new items if you choose not to re-label, however they cannot be scanned for used items. Any UPC’s we see in the inventory file will be treated as a new scan.
  • Keep an eye open for misfiled items.  Items that need to be re-filed should be placed to the side in an area that won’t get scanned again.  Once inventory is complete, place them where they belong.  This is not a necessary step; but why not do it while you’re touching every item?
  • Do not receive in any new inventory shipments during the inventory process. Used buy backs may be done as normal during the inventory and should be kept to the side and not scanned by the inventory scanners.
  • Sync Process – When Scanner finishes a section, the Team Leader should verify that the section has been marked as scanned with some sort of bin marker and verify that the scan count on the scanning device is in the same proximity as the estimate. Team Leader then loads the data, marks the section as complete and clears the scanning device data.

After Inventory

Once inventory has been completed, file should be emailed to FieldStack support.  Once file has been processed, variance reports will be produced.  These items will already have been adjusted in the system; however you should verify stock levels on at least some of these items to make sure they weren’t mis-scanned somehow.



Recommended Category Codes

  • 100 – Regular Stock
  • 200 – On the Floor OverStock/UnderStock
  • 300 – BackRoom/Basement/Attic Stock
  • 400 – Counter (Customer Special Orders & Holds)
  • 500 – Relabeled Items

Recommended Location Codes:

Any recognizable 4 character code will work, it’s just helpful if you standardize. Some examples would be:

  • LW01 for Left Wall Bin 1
  • 0101 for Row 1 Bin 1

User: Any alpha-numeric character may be used in this field. 







Location Scan Log