1: Scan

2: Enter

3: Back

4: Power

5: Alpha

Basic Inventory Scanning


Before you run off into the stacks to zap price labels with your fancy whatsits, here's a quick rundown of how the scanner works:


Once you hit the power button (4) the first screen you'll see looks like this:

You can navigate up and down this menu using the arrow buttons and make your selection using the enter button (2). For right now we're just going to be using #1: Collect. If you select one of the other ones by accident you can return to this main menu by hitting back (3). For now, select #1: Collect and hit enter (2) and you will see this screen:

This screen is where the scanner is actually programmed. The location is the physical location and code of the bin you're about to scan which will be labeled with an appropriate bin label or genre marker. If you are unsure about where to find this label, check with your inventory manager. The category is determined by the type of product you are about to scan (regular stock, overstock, promotional, etc) and the user is your employee number (the 1-4 digit code after the letters in your name that you use to log into the POS). In this example we are going to program the scanner for the regular stock Rock/Pop section.


If the location code has letters, such as RCK, it will require us to make use of the alpha function of the scanner. When you hit the alpha button (5) you will notice an upper-case A appear in the bottom right of the scanner window; this is how you will know alpha is enabled. Now you can key in RCK as you would if you were sending a text message from an old phone (777-222-55) and press the enter button (2).


The location for regular stock is 100, but to properly key this in you will have to disable the alpha function. Press the alpha button (4) three times to return to regular numbering and key in 100 and hit enter (2). Flip the scanner over to find your user number, and key that in as well. Before you hit enter your screen should look like this:

If it doesn't, or if you've made any mistakes and need to start over you can navigate the three inputs using the arrow keys, or you can hit back (3) to return the main menu. If your scanner does look like the above picture, hit enter (2) to continue.

On this screen you'll note that the Qty (quantity) is set to one. This is exactly where you want it. Hit enter (2) again and you're ready to scan.   If you do batch scan, you can change this quantity to a different number, but that number sticks until you change it back.  So if you change it to 35, every scan will register with a quantity of 35 until you change it back.

Once your screen looks like this, you're ready to start scanning. Point your scanner at a FieldStack price label or UPC, hit the big yellow scan button (1), and you're in business. For each item you successfully scan you'll hear an affirmative beep and your counter will tick up by one. When scanning, we recommend that you scan only FieldStack labels and try to avoid using UPCs.  If you accidentally scan an item twice bring your scanner over to an inventory manager to they can remove the extra scan. When you reach the end of the section you can navigate back to the main menu using the back button (3) and program for a new section in the exact same fashion as above.


 If you have any specific questions, or for advance troubleshooting talk with your inventory manager. She or he will have the all answers you could ever want and will be able to easily guide you through any spots of difficulty.