Purchasing postage is necessary when an item will be shipped directly from your store to customer purchasing it through the your company's webstore or Amazon store.  Postage is purchased after an item has been scanned for check-out and has been packaged appropriately.  The "Buy Postage" button can be found in the "Marketplace Center" section of the Retail tab.

If an item requires postage to be bought, the shipping label will say "POSTAGE" on it and will provide you with a barcode to scan.  This barcode is scanned in the text box next to the "Retrieve Order" button.  Item weight is also necessary to measure before purchasing postage.  You can enter weight manually after scanning an item corresponding label.  If you are using a digital scale connected to your computer you must place the item on the scale before scanning the label.  Once you scan the label the item's weight will automatically be entered into the the weight field.  Ensure that shipping carrier and mail class are correct.  Typically, mail class is the only thing that will need to be modified, if it even needs to be changed at all.  Check with your supervisors about appropriate mail classes, as this can vary by location.  After all the information (carrier, mail class, weight) is correct clicking on the "purchase postage" button will print out a pre-paid postage label for you to adhere to the package.

To get going you’d have to:

1.) purchase a postage scale for each location



2.) Subscribe to Endicia, which has small monthly fee ($16.99 I think).


Here are the steps:

Endicia Label Server Start-up Steps

Opening an Account: The first step is for you to open a new Endicia Label Server Account. You will need to link to this URL (or via the Signup API) to open a new Basic Label Server Acct: https://account.dymoendicia.com/?referredBy=lckw . Please make sure the lckw is in the URL.



Initializing your account: As soon as the account is setup, you should receive an email confirmation with the account number. Send us your account number and initial Pass Phrase and we’ll initialize it.