Shortcut Keys

Most aspects of FieldStack can be accessed by using shortcut keys on the keyboard.  To indicate that you are going to use a shortcut key, you must first hit the [ALT] button.  When you do this, prompt keys will then appear under the main headings.

When you type the corresponding key, the sub-categories will then appear with similar key prompts. Type the keys, one at a time, until you reach the final prompt for your desired function.  The [ALT] button needs only be hit the once at the beginning of the process.

Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar is the uppermost bar on the FieldStack screen starting in the top left corner.

Adding Shortcuts

Features may be added and removed from this bar for your convenience.  If there is a feature you use frequently, you can add it to this toolbar by right-clicking on it and choosing Add to Quick Access Toolbar.  This will add a shortcut icon, but will not move or change the original feature.

Once added, the shortcuts will appear in the toolbar in the order that they were added (this cannot be changed save for removing then re-adding them in the desired order).  The shortcuts will appear in the toolbar each time you log into FieldStack.

Features that have an icon associated with them will appear as a shortcut button with that icon.  For those that don't, they will appear as a black circle.  You may want to avoid adding many shortcuts to features without icons as they will not be visually distinctive.

When shortcuts are added to the Quick Access Toolbar, their associated shortcut keys are added with them.  However, if the original feature is found within another category (e.g. Quick Find is under Office > Inventory > Quick Find), only the final shortcut key must be typed after hitting [ALT].  So if you added the Quick Find feature, you can access it by typing [ALT] [O] instead of [ALT] [O] [IV] [0].

Removing Shortcuts

To remove shortcuts from the Quick Access Toolbar, right-click on the shortcut icon and select Remove from Quick Access Toolbar.  This will remove the shortcut but will not move or change the original feature.

Minimizing the Ribbon

The Ribbon itself may be minimized so it does not permanently appear on the screen, but only when one of the tabs is selected.  To do this, right-click on an icon in the Quick Access Toolbar and select Minimize the Ribbon.

To restore the ribbon to a permanent view, right-click again on an icon in the Quick Access Toolbar and re-select the Minimize the Ribbon option (this will un-check it).