This functionality allows you to load vendor pricing files.  If the vendor being loaded is the primary vendor of the product, this will change the selling price and cost price.  If this vendor is an alternative vendor, it will be added or updated in the buying list for this item.

The first step is to create an Excel file in the proper format as shown below.  Typically a vendor price file can be adapted to work.  Force price should only be used if you are overriding pricing formulas which is not common.


Preparingexcel1 from FieldStack on Vimeo.

Import your file into the Excel Import: Update Vendor Prices screen.   The initial import will give you a preview.   Once you are happy with the file, uncheck "Preview Mode", click Process Excel File and the price changes will be committed.

After update, the prices can be viewed on the buying tab for those items.  If this was the default vendor, the item's selling price and primary cost price will be updated on the item itself and visible by editing the item.