In some rare occasions, it may be necessary to reinstall Fieldstack on your Janam. Only do so at the request of a Support team member. Here are the steps to do so.... 

Firstly, Fieldstack must be uninstalled from the Janam in order to perform a clean install. Open the applications list from your home screen. Hold down the Fieldstack icon and drag it up to the "Uninstall" text at the top of the screen.

NOTE: Removing the icon from your Home screen will NOT uninstall the program. You must uninstall it from the applications list.

Open the applications list from the home screen on your Janam and open the "Browser" application.

Navigate to the following URL:  From the directory choose the first item: app-debug.apk

Expand the toolbar at the top of the screen and choose the file you just downloaded.

The installation software will now start. Press "Next" through "Install" and let the program install.

Once it has competed the following screen will show. Press "Open".

Fieldstack must now be configured. The Company name is the name of your company. User name and password are your standard Fieldstack login. The Quick Configuration Key will be supplied by a Support team member.

Fieldstack should now be ready for use on your Janam!