Find Item (Advanced)

To use FieldStack's Advanced Search options, open the Find Item feature in the top-left corner of the Retail screen.    

Enter either the item name (or item/description) or the 12-digit UPC number into the field in the Item Search field.  

When you have finished typing in your information, hit [ENTER] and the Item Listing screen will generate with your search results.

Alternatively, if you have the item in hand you wish to look up, simply direct the cursor to this field and then scan either the price label or the back barcode to immediately pull up the Item Listing.

Find Item (Advanced) (Advanced!)

Notice in the image above, the "Advanced >>" button next to the search box. When you click it, FieldStack offers a variety of more specific search criteria.

These search criteria can be very useful for various tasks and are generally self-explanatory.  

  • One thing to note is that the UPC Listing field can take multiple UPCs as input, returning all entered UPCs as results.