The Postage Select screen in Marketplace Mode has many features not covered in the parent article on Marketplace Fulfillment. This article will cover the uses and features of the Postage Select screen in detail. 

*NOTE* It is advised to read the parent article on Marketplace Fulfillment before continuing with this article. Found here.

The Postage Select screen is is split into five parts, as show in the image below:

  1. Order Selection: Here you can search for a specific order by its order number, item, or UPC. 
  2. Mailing Logistics: This area contains the suggested packaging, the carrier, class, and an estimated package weight.
  3. Package List: This section represents a list of all the packages associated with the order.
  4. Package Contents: This is a list of the contents of each package.
  5. Shipping Information: Here is the mailing address of the customer.

Order Selection Options:

It is possible to view and edit all packages of a picking batch on the same Postage Select screen. To do so, in the Order Selection area, in the drop-down menu next to the Item Search, choose "Show All". All packages associated with the picking batch will now be listed. You can now edit each order individually.

Intelligent Grouping:

By default, the software intelligently groups orders from the same customer to the same shipping address with the same fulfillment class together into one package when possible.  FieldStack will automatically prevent you from grouping the wrong items into the wrong packages, so don't worry about accidentally moving an item to the wrong package.

Splitting a Package

It is possible to split the contents of a package into another or even several other packages. Begin by selecting the package you wish to split. The Package Contents will populate in the list. Select the item you wish to move and press the 'Move' icon. Now either press 'New Package' to start a new package, or if you have multiple, press the select icon on the package. You can move items between packages in this manner until you are satisfied with the shipping arrangements. Here is a video of the process... 

Splitting a Package from FieldStack on Vimeo.