Out of the box, put the battery, stylus and hand strap into place. Plug the micro USB charging adapter into the Janam unit and plug it into the wall.  

After booting for the first time, remove the app icons on the home screen by dragging them to the top of the screen with a finger. There should be an area that says "Remove" simply hover the item over that area and continue to the next icon. 

Next touch the area on the bottom center of the screen that is an icon of a circle with six dots. That will bring you to the Apps area. Scroll one page to the right and select "Settings"

You'll want to activate your BlueTooth and WiFi setting and input the password to connect. After doing so, scroll down to security and touch the icon. Click the 'Unknown Sources' box and continue. This will allow you to install Fieldstack without being blocked. It is a good idea to confirm date and time zone as well while in this settings area. 

Once WiFi is connected, choose browser from the Apps area and type the address: http://www.nanocran.com/willowretailsuite/

Then click 'app-debug.apk' This will begin the process of installing Fieldstack in the Janam. Once downloaded, go into the Downloads folder in your apps tab. click on 'app-debug.apk' and click next, then install. 

Once installed you'll be prompted to enter Company, User Name, Password, and Quick Configuration. Just input the proper information and get the quick configuration key from the configuration management tab in Fieldstack (feel free to call a support representative if you have trouble finding this.) After doing this Fieldstack will finalize installation.

After Fieldstack is installed, open the Apps area again and drag the Fieldstack icon on the home screen. From there, open the apps area again and scroll a page over to the 'Tools' section. Click the 'Startup' icon. Once inside scroll down until the Fieldstack Icon is in view. Press and hold a finger down and confirm to add Fieldstack to auto run. 

After startup is taken care of, enter 'Tools' again and select 'Power Launcher.'  Then touch 'Lock password.' It will prompt for a password input the password wersdf This is the standard password for all our Janam configurations. 

Once these steps are complete the Janam is ready to use.