The Picking Batch screen, located in Marketplace Mode, has a few additional features not covered in the parent article on Marketplace Fulfillment. Learning how to use these features can help make processing Marketplace Orders fast and efficient. 

*NOTE* It is advised to read the parent article on Marketplace Fulfillment before continuing with this article. Found here.

The Picking Batch screen, which is accessed through the Current Orders button on the bottom right hand corner of the Marketplace Orders screen, can be categorized into three major pieces, as shown in the diagram below:

  1. Batch Generation: Here you will find the two large buttons for creating a new batch and displaying the open batches. Also there is a checkbox, labeled Print New Pick List, that will automatically open the new batch when it is generated. Otherwise it will just send the new batch to the list.
  2. Search Customization: Here you can filter and customize a few filters for your batch search. Search Picking Batches enables you to look up batches that have been already closed. Just My Batches, when checked, will only display batches with your name on it. Finally, the Print by Order ID enables you to generate the picking batch in order by Order ID, this mode is handy if you have multiple multi item orders.
  3. Batch List: This list contains the list of batches that match your search and filtering options. Columns include the opening date, a description containing the generating authority, the number of items scanned into the batch, the total number of items on the batch, the employee who the batch is assigned to, a select button, and a print button.