Below is a list of common issues associated with Janams, and steps taken to repair them. If these steps do not solve the issue, its more than likely an RMA will have to be filed. Please contact for any details or assistance pertaining to this list. 

The unit wont wake up after it falls asleep:

Plug in the unit to its cradle, if the cradle is not available, plug it into the wall charger. Attempt to awaken the unit again. If it still wont turn on, perform a 'hard' reset and see if the problem persists. 

It's stuck on the Android loading screen:

Plug the unit into either its cradle or wall charger and perform a 'hard' reset. If the unit fully boots, unplug from the charger and reset once you reach the 'home' screen to see if the problem persists. If the issue persists, the unit is stuck in a 'boot loop' and will need to be repaired.

The unit wont hold a charge:

If you have access to another unit, swap batteries and check again; this will help eliminate the unit as the source of the error. If the issue persists, attempt to charge the unit with another cradle/cable for at least an hour. Unplug and retry. If the battery still wont accept a charge, there is an error with the battery. *NOTE* When sending in a Janam for repairs, ALL peripherals must be removed (stylus, lanyard, battery), in the case of this error, the battery must remain with the unit!

Transactions aren't processing:

There are a lot of things to consider here. The most common issue is the Janam's assigned Machine Number in FieldStack is too high (over 256) as a result of an improper configuration copy. Simply access the Janam's configuration and change the Machine Number to a lower number. If this doesn't help, check the date-time settings of the unit; it is likely the unit is in the wrong time zone. If the unit still wont process transactions, reinstall FieldStack and reassess. 

Android errors:

This is a very broad problem and encompasses many different types of Android OS related issues. The most effective way of assessing an Android related problem is to check the error code online and see what the common fixes are. In general, Android related issues are usually the result of errors in memory or cached data. It may be necessary to re image the device to factory defaults, which can be done in the units settings menu.