Fieldstack has pre-defined roles that dictate levels of access throughout the application.  Access to reports is part of this structure, including access to Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards.  For a user to access the BI Dashboards, two steps need to be taken:

    1. Add or edit the employee on the Fieldstack application, using the appropriate role; see Fieldstack User Roles.  Note that the Fieldstack Roles will map to task-based roles that allow access to reports.  The task-based roles that allow access to BI Marketplace Dashboards are:

                Executive - these users will be able to access all Marketplace BI Dashboards

                Marketplace Analyst,  Marketplace Administrator,  Marketplace Clerk - see matrix for specific dashboards


    2. Contact Fieldstack support and request BI Dashboard login credentials for the employee.  You will need to provide the user's email address.  You may want to confirm with support that specific reports will be available to the user.

When login credentials are established, the user will receive an email to initiate access to their account.  Once access is gained, the user will be able to view reports that are assigned to their role.

This matrix will be updated as new dashboards are developed.  Each dashboard contains a link in the top right corner for an overview of the information included.  In addition to specific dashboard overviews, an introduction and navigation overview can be found here Fieldstack Dashboard Intelligence.