New Features

  • **MAJOR NEW FEATURE**¬†Added the ability to utilize the Zebra printer for all Marketplace Mode processing
    • Under FieldStack settings (click the gear in the upper right corner of the program) there is now a section under the receipt data called Marketplace Printer, where users can choose their marketplace printer
    • If the marketplace printer is a Zebra label printer, there is a checkbox called "Is Zebra Printer?" that must be checked if the user wishes to print via Zebra labels
    • In Configuration Management, there is a Marketplace configuration called "Is Marketplace Printer a Zebra Printer?" that must be set to True if so
    • In Configuration Management, there is also a spot for Marketplace Printer Name. The Zebra label printer's name must be inserted here to use the Zebra printer


  • On the Adjustments pop up under any order in the Marketplace Customer Service window under Retail >> Marketplace Center, there is now a box that shows the original total order amount
  • Address validation in Marketplace Customer Service is now asynchronous
  • There is now a warning when a user attempts to close Employee Edit screen with unsaved changes
  • Under Section Management the list of Sections is now sorted alphabetically rather than chronologically
  • Under the Order/Details Tab in Marketplace Customer Service, under Shipment Information, all shipped packages will now show the Shipped Carrier as well as the Shipped Class
  • In Marketplace Customer Service Search in the Mail Class drop down, all the classes are now accompanied by an identifying Carrier
  • There is now a field with the original order # on it labeled "REF" on all FedEx shipping labels. The same action was attempted with UPS and USPS, but neither mail carrier supported custom reference numbers
  • There is now a warning for clerks when a customer redeems a Loyalty coupon that may have a significant amount of money left on it
  • Under Locations >> Store Center, and then any store's Store Information >> Location tab, the Time Zone settings are now a standardized drop down
  • Under the Customer Special Orders screen (Customers tab >> Customer Special Orders), there is now an Advanced Search, which includes the ability to sort by:
    • Customer Name
    • Customer Code
    • Special Order Code
    • Email
    • UPC
  • Employee photos are a new functionality that administrative users can find under Locations >> Employee List and then choosing a store. Under the Employee Edit screen any square image can be uploaded and used as an employee photo
  • Inactive users can now be removed by administrative users in Configuration Management
  • Updating the shipping address on any order in Marketplace Customer Service now auto-refreshes the Marketplace Customer Service window
  • The HTML Editor for Attribute Values under the Inventory >> Attribute Management window can no longer be disconnected from the Attribute it is in the process of editing

Bug Fixes

  • "View/Edit Fulfillment Information" button in Customer Marketplace Orders linked to the old marketplace
  • Deferred shipment was not the default even when "Deferred Postage Preferred" location configuration was set to True
  • Previously unable to create new machine/user configurations
  • Search by AccountID did not work in Marketplace Customer Service
  • Payouts didn't print in POS
  • Right-Click on column header in Marketplace Customer Service showed both column and row menus
  • An exception on receipt reprints in certain circumstances has been removed
  • View Item Edit History no longer errors for items that have no UPC or history
  • Trying to add a quick token to a machine previously gave the error "Register number must between 1 - 254"