As different tabs (windows) are opened in the FieldStack Application, they build up next to each other in the order that they are opened, from left to right.  The active tab appears in light gray, and the in-active ones are dark gray.

At times you'll find that you have too many tabs open and you'd like to clean things up a bit. Some helpful hints for closing tabs can be found below.

Close the Active Tabs

You can close an active tab with the short-cut of Ctrl-W or by clicking the "X" on the right hand side of the tab row.

Closing an Inactive Tab

You can close any tab by putting your mouse over it and clicking the scroll button.  This is the specific work-around to the problem described.

If your computer is hooked up to multiple monitors, you may wish to view some of these tabs side-by-side rather than click from one to another.  To tear out a tab from the window, click on the tab heading and drag it away from the window. A new window is then created for the torn-out tab. 

Notice that other tabs aren't accessible from here as it is in a popped out mode.