Customers will frequently request to have the transaction total split among two or more payment types.  When processing a transaction this is very easy to do.  Carry out the process as usual, entering cash and gift cards before credit cards or checks.  Keeping this order will mean you won't be giving out unnecessary change or leaving unnecessary balances on gift cards (or putting the remainder on the customer's account as store credit).

You can use as many different payment types in a transaction as you wish.  You can even use multiple instances of cash and credit cards.  Situations this might occur could be:

-A couple would like to evenly split the total between themselves

-A parent is going to pay for a portion of a child's purchase (or whatever is still owed after the child uses their own money)

-Someone would like to avoid over-drafting their account

-Someone is partially paying with a gift card

For this example, the customer would like to pay $20.00 of her purchase with cash (whether to keep from over-drafting her credit card or for some other reason).  Enter in $20.00 as cash.

After you press "OK" the $20.00 will show on the item list as usual.  Since it doesn't cover the entire amount, the "Total Due" will display the new remaining balance.  In this case, the customer still owes $28.17 on her purchase.

Since she wants to use her credit card for the entire remainder, open the credit card payment window as you usually would.  The total due will automatically fill in with the remaining balance owed.