If your store buys back pre-owned items then chances are you'll be using the buyback screen pretty often.  See your supervisor to learn about your location's standards pertaining to item grading and what items can and can not be bought back. These can vary greatly.

To enter buyback mode, click on the "Switch to Buyback Mode" (F6) button underneath the "Find Customer" and "Find Special Order" buttons.

You can tell you've entered buyback mode when the button you clicked to enter it changes to say "Leave Buyback Mode" instead of "Switch to Buyback Mode." The screen will also change color to make it easier to distinguish from the standard mode.

Scan items into the transaction as you would during any other transaction.  When an item is scanned in buyback mode you will be prompted to grade the item's condition as an A, B, C, or D.  If you aren't sure what grade you should choose it never hurts to get a second opinion from your supervisor or an experienced coworker. When you decide on what grade appropriately describes the item then you can click on any of the grades, or press the A, B, C or D keys on the keyboard to make your selection.

Before selecting a grade, take a look at the item's title that is displayed on the left side of the pop-up.  It is not uncommon for this to be incorrect for older barcodes (some codes get re-used and some may not be in the database).  If it is incorrect then you can click "Cancel" (Esc) and search in the search bar for the item instead.

Once you select a grade the item will display in the transaction with a heading of "Buy Back Used item->" followed by the description of the condition you selected.

The following screenshot displays four items, each with a different grade. You can see the various headings as well as the difference in buyback price. Buyback price is directly influenced by how you grade an item, and is also subject to change when the database is updated daily, based on pricing analyses that occur in FieldStack. Scooby-Doo may be worth $5.00 one day and $3.00 the next, even if the condition grade is the same.

Once you've finished scanning and grading all the items involved in the buyback you must leave buyback mode to finish the transaction. You can leave buyback mode by clicking the "Leave Buyback Mode" (F6) button, which is in the same spot as the "Enter Buyback Mode" button.

Back in sale mode, you'll notice a "Buyback Summary" next to the Buyback Mode button with a total number of items and the value of those items in store credit. An "Add up to $x.xx in Store Credit" (F3) button will also be added in the Customer Information area at the right of the application.  Clicking this button will add the store credit earned to the customer's account for later use, but you will still have to click "Finish Sale" (+) after you select it to print the receipt and finalize the transaction.

If the customer prefers to take the cash amount for the items they are selling, leave the "Add up to xxx in Store Credit" button alone and simply click "Finish Sale" (+). A window showing the amount to be given as "change" will open. The change amount depends on your store's credit-to-cash discount settings, but in the event that your store pays out more in store credit than in cash, the discounted cash value will appear here to indicate how much cash to give to the customer.

You may also sell other items in the same transaction.  Their cost will be deducted from the amount of credit accrued from the buyback.  If the items being purchased don't use all of the store credit earned, you can still click the "Add up to xxx in Store Credit" (F3) button to add the remainder to their account; or, you can finish the sale as above, and the discounted change amount will appear to let you know how much the customer is owed.

If your store requires that photos of the customer/customer's state ID be taken for buybacks, a "Capture Image" (ALT + P) button will exist in the lower right portion of the screen.  Keep in mind that this button will not appear if no customer account is selected.  A customer account is needed to tie the image to their personal information.

When clicked, a window will appear with a preview of the camera's image.  Use this to position the ID or person and click "Snap Shot" (ALT + S) when the subject is positioned correctly.

The image will then fill the right side of the window and a button will appear at the bottom called "Save Captured Image"  (Enter).  If the image is blurry or not positioned correctly you can simply take another snap shot, clicking the "Save Capture Image" button when you have a satisfactory photo.  Once you save the snapshot, the window will disappear and you can proceed with the buyback.