If the customer is paying with a check, hit {ALT + K} then confirm or change the amount of the check you are given in the pop-up box and then hit {ENTER}.

Verify that the amount of the check is correct, and then hit {ENTER} to finish the sale.

If your location electronically verifies that a check is valid before accepting it, then you will see a second window open prompting you whether or not it is an "electronic check."  Check with your supervisor as to what the conditions are for a check to be "electronic" and what steps to take if it is. Note: If you are running an electronic check, you will usually want to wait to receive an approval on the check BEFORE you click the "Yes" button -  in some cases, clicking the "Yes" button might still complete the transaction, even if the electronic check is declined by the payment processor. In the event of a decline, the "No" button should be used in order to return to the transaction screen and allow other actions to be taken (such as canceling the sale or choosing a different payment method). The "No" button is also used when accepting physical checks at locations that can accept either type of check.