The first step in selling a product is to scan it. Once an item has been scanned, the Total Due will appear below the search field.

Each additional item added to a transaction appears above the previous one, so the last item entered appears at the top of the list. The listing that is currently selected appears in bold.

If an item is scanned in error, or the customer decides that he or she no longer wishes to purchase an item, arrow up or down to the relevant listing to highlight it. Then hit {DELETE} or click the Remove button on that line to remove the item from the transaction. Other relevant buttons will appear on the line for the selected item - with them, you can choose other actions, such as putting the item on in-store hold for a customer who wants to pick it up at a later time, or getting More Info on the selected item to view details about the item.

Promotion Reminders

When an item that is part of a current promotion is scanned, a pop-up message may appear above the list of scanned items.  This will notify the employee that there may be an added value associated with the item. 

A Word On Used Items

If a new item is scanned for which the store has used stock available, a notice will appear at the top of the screen indicating how many preowned copies are available in the store; you may find your customer would rather save a few dollars on a pre-owned copy.

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