FieldStack contains 3 different receive/send setups.  These are set at the location level.  

  1. Loose - User can type in a tracking number, choose a tracking number or leave tracking number blank.   FieldStack uses hieristics to match the receives and sends up against active Purchase orders.
  2. Request PO Look-up - User is asked to choose a tracking number from a list of open orders, but can enter a tracking number free form.  The user can't leave tracking number blank. If user choose tracking number, all receives or sends are tightly bound to the order.
  3. Tight - User must choose from list of tracking numbers.  All receives and sends are tightly bound to the order.   
In options 2 and 3 items received or sent against an order that aren't part of the order are added with an order quantity of 0 and and "left" quantity of either -1 for receives or 1 for sends.   On the items history you will now see a different looking reference/tracking number.  It will store as something like "ÖÑ 3 24104ÖÑ" instead of 324104.