Setting up a Zebra printer in FieldStack takes just a few minutes.

First, ensure that the Zebra printer is connected to the register computer,  and the drivers are installed.

In the FieldStack Settings screen, click the Enterprise tab.
Under the Label Settings menu, make sure the first two options are set to True as seen in this image:

(In addition, setting the Label Sheet Size to will make sure that every label is printed automatically. You could set this to 2 or 5 or 10, etc, to only push labels out in groups if you wanted to.)

Then, click "Save Changes". Log back in to FieldStack, and go back to the Settings screen. On the Basic tab, a new option appears at the bottom for "Label Printer Name". Select the correct Zebra printer from the list of available devices, and click "Save Changes" again.


Now you're set up to print Zebra labels in your store!