There will be situations where an online customer must be refunded a full or partial amount due to shipping error, unsatisfactory quality/ defect or a simple return. 

To access the Marketplace Center, click the Retail tab and click into the Marketplace Center button. Once inside you will be able to search for a customers order and begin to assist in refunding a partial or full amount from their purchase.

Customer Return

If the order is returned from the customer or comes back un-deliverable and you are not going to reship or send a replacement you will want to cancel the order.   Cancelling the order is the equivalent to a customer returning an item in the store where the sale of the item is reversed.  This causes the item to go into the eCommerce location's inventory, but it is immediately sent out of inventory.   If the item is resalable it should be received in the POS receive mode to have it be back in inventory and available again.    The customer will be refunded for that item and any applicable tax on that item.  View the Communications tab will allow you to confirm the refund is applied appropriately.

Cancel Order Prior to Fulfillment

If an order is to be cancelled prior to shipment, clicking the Cancel without Replacement for each item in the order or multi-select the items in the order and choose appropriate cancellation reason.  You may also choose to only cancel some of the items in the order if you wish.   

If the item was not in stock and marked as Pending Batch, the customer will not have been charged so no refund will be issued to their credit card.  If it was in a pending batch, a refund will be issued.   You can verify if the initial charge happened and corresponding credit card refund on the Communications tab.

If the order is in an active batch, the system will block it from being scanned out and let the agent know the order was cancelled.

The customer will receive and email letting them know that all or part of their order was cancelled.

Refund on Item

If the customer receives an item and their is a problem with that item you may issue a partial or complete refund.   Select the item you wish to give a refund on, click the Add Adjustment button.  This will show the Price Adjustment screen.   On this screen you can see how much the customer was charged for that item.  Choose Item as the type, choose your reason from the Adjustment Reason List and enter the amount you with to refund the customer.  This will refund the customer along with the any associated sales tax.  In the Communications tab you can see the adjustment that was made and then a separate entry for the funds being sent back to the customer, which includes the applicable Sales Tax.

Refunding/Charging Shipping

If you need to adjust the shipping the customer was charged you do it the same way as refunding an item, except you choose Order Shipping.  Shipping is always assigned to the order as whole and not items.   So if you cancel or refund an item, it will have no effect on the shipping charge; that must be handled separately.    This same screen can be used to charge or refund shipping.    For example, if a customer places an order and then asks for it to be expedited, you can utilize this screen to charge them for expedited shipping.   Sales tax on the shipping will be handled automatically.

Refunding an order

If you wish to give a customer an overall order refund you utilize the same adjustment screen as above, just choose Order as the type of refund.  The system will give the customer the corresponding sales tax back at the item sales tax rate.  If there are unfilled items that you are not planning to ship, you must cancel those first.  Otherwise the system will refund the amount of those unfilled orders, assuming you are going to ship them.

Completely Refunding an order

If you wish to give the customer a complete refund, you need to refund the Order Sub-Total amount and the Order Shipping amount in two seperate steps.  If you do them at close to the same time, it should bundle them into one credit card refund, view-able on the communications tab.   The Order Total represents how much the total customer charge and includes sales tax.  If you attempt to refund that amount directly, you will end up refunding the customer too much as the system will add tax onto that amount.