The DataLogic QD21XX model range is the standard scanner FieldStack has recommended. It is a 1D barcode scanner that can read barcodes off of digital displays.

Scan each of the below Barcodes in numeric order. You can even click the image to make it full screen, and scan directly from that!

Code 39 Start/Stop - This will scan FieldStack Labels to with "*" characters around it ("*DZDFDASFE*"). This is required to scan FieldStack-generated price labels into the POS screen.

UPC-E to UPC-A - This will cause short UPC-E bar codes often found on Candy and Soda to expand to a Full UPC-A 12 digit bar code. Not required, but useful to have enabled.

GS1-128 AIM ID - Sometimes barcodes will scan with "]c1" appended to the front. This setting disables that.