New Features

  • *MAJOR* Zebra label printer code overhaul! Now supports custom label dimensions, rearranged text fields, QR barcodes, logo image support, and more.
  • Used Buyback mode:
    • The change price dialog box will now prompt for both buyback and sticker price, allowing the user to change the buyback offer price and printed sticker price at the same time, without having to relabel the item.
    • Enhanced support for the optional "Unique" buyback condition. Allows the user to duplicate an existing item listing, creating a Unique version of the item that has separate details and price (i.e. limited edition color, Mint condition first edition, etc). This allows the item to be tracked separately from the standard version of the product.

Additional Changes

  • Cash entry dialog box no longer immediately accepts the full input from a barcode scanner. Any input >6 digits now requires a second dialog confirmation. This prevents cases of accidental (+) key entry and subsequent scanning of an item into the Cash field subsequently completing the transaction.
  • Customer Special Orders Management screen fields have been slightly rearranged, Deposit is now visible, and more fields are directly editable: Item Code, Store, Price Promised. 
  • Vendor order costs can be edited after sending, if no product has been received yet
  • Inventory History screen Reason column now shows full order number with store: Ord#(1-12345) instead of Ord#(12345)

Bug Fixes

  • Stage All Button could receive double the quantity if the item was added to store transfer via the Over/Short Rule
  • Order List Active Orders vendor dropdown was returning no orders
  • Customer Code field on "New Card" tab in Customer Edit screen was showing the same code as the replacement card
  • Client specific Accounting report tweaks