Searching the POS

To search for an item, type the item name, description, or key word into the search field and press {ENTER}. FieldStack will return results in the most relevant order.

{Alt + L} fills in the search box with the last search executed.

Refined Searches

For more refined searches, additional methods are available. 

  • {F2} – Typing in an artist name and hitting {F2} will complete a search for all listings beginning with the words entered (e.g. PINK {F2} returns PINK, PINKERTON and PINK FLOYD albums) 
  • {Shift + F2} – Hitting {Shift + F2} will search for listings exactly matching the artist’s name (e.g. PINK {Shift + F2} returns only PINK albums) 
  • {Ctrl + F2} - Hitting {Ctrl + F2} completes a search for listings with titles beginning with the words entered (e.g. MADDEN NFL {Ctrl + F2} returns X360/MADDEN NFL 10, PS3/MADDEN NFL 09, etc.) 

When a listing is highlighted (scroll using the arrow keys to find a specific listing), additional details will appear in the bottom portion of the screen. This may include a picture of the item, the Shelf Price (the actual price you charge for the item), the Stop Selling Date (when the item stopped being manufactured) and a breakdown of other stores' current stock levels in both new and used condition.

Sorting Search Results

Searching the POS can return a vast number of results. FieldStack makes it easy to sort these results in a variety of ways. 

As you can see, the returned items are listed by Item Name/Description in the "Item Description" column (IE, Beatles/Live At The Hollywood Bowl).

Hitting the {S} key lets you alphabetize the returned search results. In the scenario above, hitting the {S} key will alphabetize first by artist, then by album name. This is extremely useful for sorting results of searches using generic terms, or just one word. 

By default, the search results are set to only display in-print items. To toggle this option on and off, hit {C}. Out-of-print items if shown will appear in red highlighting (but may still be in stock at store locations). Items that have not yet been released will appear highlighted in blue.

To only view items that are in stock in the chain, hit {O}. This will hide all other listings so that you may scroll through to find currently stocked items.

If you are looking for an item in a particular format, select a listing of the desired format (in this scenario, LP, CD, DVD) and hit {L}. This will display only the items in the search results that are of that format. 

To filter results by a particular artist when you have multiple artists in your results, select a listing for that artist and hit {A} to find all results matching the artist in the highlighted listing.