New Features

  • Ability to Close open purchase orders - When an associate has completed receiving a Purchase Order, they may close it from the Current Orders screen.  This will remove it from the list of the Current Orders screen and also lets the system know that you don't expect to receive any items that haven't yet been received that are on the Purchase Order and trigger the system to order those item again if they are still needed.
  • New type of Business Catalyst Report (BCR).  We can now provide parent/child reports where the top grid is the summary data and bottom grid is the details of the summary data you select.


  • Allow Transfer check box in Send mode is removed if your location is set to "Tight" receive and send mode.
  • Point of Sale can now cancel out of a credit card transaction.  In rare instances, the credit card terminal does not communicate back to the POS that it completed its process.  Previously the POS  would wait an infinite amount of time for that response and appear "locked".   After 1 minute you can now cancel from the Point of Sale.  At the time of Cancel, the POS will query the credit card terminal to see if its totals match the POS expected totals.  If totals match, then the transaction on the credit card machine is assumed to have failed.  If the totals don't match, the POS queries the credit card terminal for its last transaction to see if that last successful charge matches the current pending sale.  If it does match, then the charge is applied to the transaction and transaction is completed.
  • When reversing a transaction from the Search  Invoice screen, if the transaction includes a Credit Card payment you no longer have the option to skip voiding the credit card void.

Bug Fixes

  • Batch History Report could be out of balance when there was a void run during the day.  This will fix those reports going forward.
  • When voiding a charge that was flagged as a duplicate charge by the card processor on the Search Invoice screen, it could grab the incorrect charge to void.