The Less Than Zero report is a list of items that have sold which show an on-hand quantity of less than zero. You obviously can't have a negative quantity of an item (physically) so it is most likely that the item has an actual quantity of "0" and should display that. Regularly completing the Less Than Zero report will help in maintaining correct inventory - if an item has a negative quantity and is subsequently received into inventory, the quantity on hand for that item will be incorrect, so it is important to catch these items before they arrive in shipments or via customer buybacks. (As an example, if you were to show -1 in stock of an item and received a single copy in your shipment, the quantity for that item would show "0" in stock after receiving!)


Negative quantities occur when an item that did not appear to be in stock in inventory somehow sells in a transaction or is otherwise sent from inventory. Completing a Less Than Zero report requires receiving a specific quantity of an item to balance an item's quantity to "0", or to the correct number in stock.  It is best to physically check the available stock on these items before fixing negative quantities, since it could be the case that you do have some of the item on hand and it is not reflected in current inventory for various reasons. 

Correcting a negative amount is a quick and simple process.  If an item has a quantity of "-1," and it is certain that it is not in stock, then you must receive a quantity of "1" to adjust the quantity to "0."  This is done through Receive Mode.  Alternatively, if you count stock on hand for the item and it turns out you do have some available, you should receive the quantity of the item that reflects your current on-hand inventory plus the number required to offset the negative quantity (e.g., if the system says you have -1 of an item for which you have 10 on hand after a stock check, you would receive 11 of the item to adjust inventory to the correct amount of 10). The most common mistake to make when balancing a negative quantity is to receive the correct quantity under the wrong condition (e.g., receiving a quantity of 1 new condition item when the item has a -1 quantity of the used condition item).

You can find the Less Than Zero report in the POS Reports section of the POS tab.

You'll be brought to a screen that seems be empty. There are two options for this report. 

  • The "Run" option will display negative quantity items as a grid.
  • The "Run Printable Report" option will show you a view suitable for printing.

The following is a result of selecting the "Run Printable Report" format. It contains a normal printing toolbar, including zoom, find, and page navigation. You'll immediately notice its similarity to a Pick List, as it contains much of the same item information to help you locate it (UPC #, barcode).

Should you choose the "Run" option, your report will appear as below. As in other grid views, you can click-and-drag the header of a column into the area above the results in order to group them by that header (for example, by Category to make it easier to pull items section-by-section). You can also click a column header to sort by that column.