After collecting all items listed on a pick list you will be ready to scan these items to prepare them for shipping.  The Shipping Check-out button is located in the "Marketplace Center" section of the Retail tab.

"Checking out" an item will tell you what mail class it will be shipping by as well as print corresponding shipping labels and order invoices.  The most common classes are: first , priority , international, and transfers.

Simply scanning an item's barcode in the text field next to the "Print Labels" button will add the item to the "Ready-To-Ship" list and produce a pop-up message that displays the mail class.  This can be useful for sorting items according to the mail class and can help speed up the postage and packaging process later.  If you print out the labels incorrectly you can re-print them easily by click in the "Reprint Last Batch" button at the bottom of the screen.

Once you have all items scanned in you can click on the "Print Labels" button and a document will be produced that contains all shipping labels and order invoices necessary.  Make sure that your printer paper (adhesive sheets) are oriented correctly before you print the labels and order invoices.

Any labels that only say "Postage" on them require postage to be bought.  Otherwise, you will only need to properly package and mail the item for the order to be fulfilled.