You can create your reward card numbers and gift card numbers right in the FieldStack Application that can then be sent to a printer so that you can have nice loyalty and gift cards. On the Customer Tab, press Create Gift and Loyalty Cards. Next enter how many you want and what type and press the Create Card Numbers button. There are some unusable numbers so ask for a few more than you really want. Once the list is on the screen, press the “Disk” button to save them to Excel.

The Barcode type printed should be Code 39. You’ll also want the Card number printed in human readable format. You should ask your printer for a proof just to verify that everything looks ok.

Gift Card numbers are based on a sequential numbering scheme, therefore those numbers alone are not enough to validate a gift certificate for online redemption.   If you ever intend to use them online, you must include a separate security code.  This is a separate code that you can generate by choosing the 3rd option.  You'll want to have your printer include this as a separate element on the gift card.  It should not be scannable.  For extra security, we recommend that the security code be printed behind a scratch off panel.

Sample Gift Card Proof