Putting an item on hold is similar to putting an item on special order, so we will cover both in this article. First, locate the item in the system by scanning the bar code or performing a search.


If you have the item on hand and simply wish to put it on hold, scan the item. Press the Put On Hold {F9} button.

Alternatively, you can search for the item and in the popup, highlight the item and press Special Order {F9}

 In the popup window, ensure the Item Is On Hold checkbox is active. Also ensure the condition matches the condition of the item (new/used). You must also associate a hold with a customer. If you had the customer's information entered when you scanned the item, these fields will automatically fill. If not, you must press Associate With Customer {Alt-W} and search for the customer. Once all fields have been filled out, simply press the Hold {Alt-A} button. The item is now on hold! 


In order to special order an item, you must first perform a search to find the item. 

*NOTE* If you cannot find a listing for the item, try deactivating the Hide Unavailable Items {C} checkbox. Even though this will just show the unavailable/out of print items, finding the listing of an item will give the customer an idea of the items overall availability. 

Pay close attention to the quantity column! There are three states (relevant to ordering and holds) an item will be:

-RED: The item is out of print. If the item shows while the Hide Unavailable Items {C} checkbox is active, then there is a used copy available, otherwise the listing would remain hidden. Items listed as out of print cannot be ordered through a vendor.

-WHITE: The item may be available for order, but will have to be checked with your purchasing authority for availability.

-GREEN: The item is available for order.

Once you have determined that the item is available for order, highlight the item and press Special Order {F9}

The popup window will be similar to the Hold screen. Ensure the condition matches what the customer desires. 

*NOTE* You cannot order a used item from a vendor! Make sure the New button is selected, otherwise the order will not go anywhere.

Ensure the customer's information is attached to the order using the Associate With Customer {Alt-W} button. 

Once all fields have been filled out, press the Order {Alt-S} button to place the order. The item is now on order.

Putting an item on hold from FieldStack on Vimeo.