If you have an item that you'd like to list on Amazon, that the Amazon automated process hasn't listed, it's fairly straight forward.

Log into Amazon.com and find the item you want to sell. On the right hand part of the screen there is a button that says "Sell Yours Here". Go through and answer all the questions however you like, the only thing you need to do in order for that item to get processed by Willow Retail Suite is enter the SKU in a specific format.

The FieldStack application relies on the seller SKU to determine the Store, Condition and Product to pull, so all you have to do is replicate this SKU. The SKU Format is as follows:

StoreNumber-Condition(0=New, 2=Used)-InternalItemID

For Example, SKU 2-0-121446 would list your New Copy of Skid Row from Store 2

The internal item ID can be obtained from the itCode column of the Item Listing screen. When the Item Listing screen comes up it is the far right hand column.

As long as that SKU is correct, all orders for that item will be automatically imported into the FieldStack and appear on the store's pick list.

Since you've manually posted these items the nightly process will not manage these items; it will be up to you to edit the prices and pull them down when you no longer want to list them.