You can sort listings by any of the columns.  To do so, simply click on the column heading by which you wish to sort.  The sorting will either sort alphabetically or numerically (according to the column) and can be in either ascending or descending order depending on how many times you click the heading.  You can also change the order of the columns by clicking on a column heading  and dragging it over to the desired place.  Be careful to drag it only left or right as dragging it up or down may eliminate the column (if an X appears through the heading name as you drag it and you unclick, the column will be removed from view).

Additional sorting/filtering options can be found by right-clicking on the headings.

Sort Ascending:                Sorts smallest to largest, oldest to newest, A to Z, etc.

Sort Descending:             Sorts largest to smallest, newest to oldest, Z to A, etc.

Clear Sorting:                    Undo any sorting that has been applied

Group by This Column:    Group listings according to the information in that column

Group By Box:                   Insert the feature to allow grouping by column headers

Remove This Column:      Removes the column of information from the viewing screen

Column Chooser:              Additional column options (columns removed  appear here) – right-click and select Show This Column

Best Fit:                               Re-sizes that column so that all the information in it is visible

Best Fit (all columns):      Re-sizes all columns so that all their information is visible 

Filter Editor:                       Allows you to create specific filter parameters

Show/Hide Find Panel:     Allows use of a search bar that searches through the information in the rows/columns and highlights matching terms

Show Auto Filter Row:       Adds a row below the column headings that displays any filter applied columns


Any headings on which the cursor hovers will have a small funnel icon appear in the top-right corner.  You can click this to selectively display only listings including one of the drop-down selections.

For example, clicking the funnel in the Street Date column will give you the option to only display listings that came out on a certain date, after or before a date, etc.  All the other entries will be hidden but not deleted.

Most filters allow you to view only items including a specific piece of information, such as only viewing the DVDs in a list of items.


Filter Editor

Create Filter

The Filter Editor (accessed by right-clicking on a column heading and selecting Filter Editor) may be used when you have several conditions by which to filter listings.  By default, the heading on which you click chooses in the Filter Editor what will appear as the first condition, but it can be changed.  The different colored words relate to different sets of options.

  • Red:       Condition group
  • Blue:      Column heading
  • Green:   Inclusion/exclusion specification
  • Black:    Value input


If you wish to view only CDs and DVDs in the top sellers chart where there are 50 copies or fewer in stock, right-click on the On Hand column and select Filter Editor.

  • Click on the green Begins with and select Is less than or equal to to indicate the quantity parameter, and then in the <enter a value> space type in 50.  Clicking Apply now will filter the results so that only items with 50 copies or fewer in stock will appear.
  • To view just CDs and DVDs with this stock parameter, you need to add another grouping with two conditions.  Click on the red And and select Add Group.  Click the newly added red And and select Or.  Hit the plus sign (+) next to the Or to add another condition.  It is necessary to specify Or as the condition will be processed as "show listings where the configuration starts with CD Or DVD."  Leaving it as And will result in no listings being shown since a single configuration can't start with two different terms.
  • For these two conditions under Or, click on the blue [On Hand] and select [Config].  Leave the green Begins with as is.  In the <enter a value> fields, type CD in one, and DVD in the other.

When you are done, the Editor will be read as:

"Show all listings where the Configuration Begins with CD Or DVD And the quantity On Hand Is less than or equal to 50."

Be very careful when filtering listings to include the correct conditions or else you may end up with the wrong view.

Remove/Edit filter

To temporarily remove the filter, click the check box next to the condition equation below the listings.  This will remove the filtering, but leave the conditions there as an option to re-apply.  To completely remove the filter, click the X next to the check box.

If you want to change or add some conditions to the filter, click the Edit Filter option located to the right of the condition equation.  This will bring up the Filter Editor screen.  Alternatively, you can click the funnel in the column headings and select further filters that way (either clicking on an option in the drop-down menu or selecting (Custom) for more specifications.  any edits done this way will automatically be added to the Filter Editor screen.


To group listings by like information, right-click on a column heading and select Group By Box (many of the reports already have a space to drag headings, so this step is not necessary).  Click on the heading by which you would like to group and drag it into the black space above it.  Have several sub-groupings by dragging multiple headings up.  Click the plus (+) and minus (-) signs to display or hide the listings in the categories.