Match a credit card terminal with each register.  Plug in each device to power and the network (red dongle) and allow to boot up.

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Setting up by IP Address 

Before any configuration within FieldStack can be completed, the PAX S300 must be configured to accept a Static IP Address

Access the Menu by pressing [FUNC + 1]. The password is 7724629. 

Press the down arrow on the touch screen and select Communication.  (You'll have to enter the password again.)

Press the down arrow again to select LAN Parameters.

You will be provided with two IP configuration types, choose Static, then return to the LAN Parameters menu.

Select IP Address. Copy the address down to enter into FieldStack.

(When adding it to FieldStack, it may be necessary to remove any leading zeroes in each octet. For example, if the terminal reads you'll want to enter it as in FieldStack)

Here is a short clip on how to obtain the MAC address, which is contained in the same menu as the IP address.

MacterminalID from FieldStack on Vimeo.

Integrating S300 with FieldStack

In the upper left hand there will be a small black icon that contains the settings necessary to integrate the S300 with FieldStack.

After clicking the icon there will be several options. Select Settings.

Once in the settings screen, click over to the Credit Card tab.

Once in the Credit Card tab simply take the IP address from the S300 terminal and place it in the provided space.

It is good to check connectivity at this stage. Press the 'Lookup MAC by IP' and ensure it matches the MAC address on the terminal (also available on the LAN Parameters menu of the S300). Click the Okay button to confirm settings. If the resulting message reads Did not find MAC for, then either your S300 is not online, or it's on a separate network than the register. Logout and log back in for the changes to take effect.

It is important to note that while it is possible to connect FieldStack with a PAX S300 terminal using the terminal's MAC address, it is not recommended to do so. The register must be connected to the same network as the PAX S300 machine, which is identifiable through the first few octets of each's IP address. A simple connectivity test can be run in Command Prompt by using the command ping followed by the IP address of the S300 terminal. 

Here is a short clip on how to add a PAX S300 terminal using the MAC address.

MACSETTINGS from FieldStack on Vimeo.

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