Release Date: 5/3/2017

New Features

  • Electronic Signature capture on the PAX/TSYS integrated credit card setup - A setting that allows signature capture directly on the PAX devices. ¬†Signature is stored with the payment history and the receipt with the signature can be produced from the Search Invoices screen
  • Inventory History - Clicking on an item's QOH displays the item's inventory position after each transaction
  • Product Source Group to Vendor mapping can now be managed at the location level - If different locations source products from different vendors that can now be managed through FieldStack.
  • Ability to process an Offline Credit Card transaction while Integrated Credit Cards are enabled. ¬†This is useful if FieldStack has gone offline, the employee tries to process a sale on a backup offline terminal, and FieldStack is online again when they come back. (Or if a store is having issues with the integrated credit card terminal and need to ring up a customer. They can process through a standalone terminal and use this feature to complete the sale.)


  • Customer Search Screen - Right-clicking on results grid now gives you the "Copy" option
  • Manage Invoice Screen - Invoices that need review are hidden by default
  • For clients utilizing average costing, the QOH tab shows current average cost of inventory in stock
  • Customer Marketplace Orders form now allows you to choose a date to go back to. ¬†Previously it was locked at 90 days.
  • Users can now reverse sales transactions that include a declined or other payment error.

Bug Fixes

  • FieldStack locks up when doing a remote connection into a machine running FieldStack (Logmein or Remote Desktop)
  • In Point of Sale, the Last Message box, which holds the last POS Pop-up messages (Give $xx in change) wasn't always getting populated
  • Price Label Type not properly set when adding a consignment item
  • Vendor List is empty on the invoice management screen preventing the ability to filter by vendor
  • On Hand by UPC report wasn't returning items if the item had never been carried by the client, it now properly returns 0.
  • Active Orders screen - If you had a custom order format for a vendor, it was not being utilized here.
  • Invoice Management header didn't add up to the line item details if the details were edited after initial invoice entry.
  • Transactions containing a credit card error line were not able to be reversed