Release Date: 5/3/2017

New Features

  • Electronic Signature capture on the PAX/TSYS integrated credit card setup - A setting that allows signature capture directly on the PAX devices.  Signature is stored with the payment history and the receipt with the signature can be produced from the Search Invoices screen
  • Inventory History - Clicking on an item's QOH displays the item's inventory position after each transaction
  • Product Source Group to Vendor mapping can now be managed at the location level - If different locations source products from different vendors that can now be managed through FieldStack.
  • Ability to process an Offline Credit Card transaction while Integrated Credit Cards are enabled.  This is useful if FieldStack has gone offline, the employee tries to process a sale on a backup offline terminal, and FieldStack is online again when they come back. (Or if a store is having issues with the integrated credit card terminal and need to ring up a customer. They can process through a standalone terminal and use this feature to complete the sale.)


  • Customer Search Screen - Right-clicking on results grid now gives you the "Copy" option
  • Manage Invoice Screen - Invoices that need review are hidden by default
  • For clients utilizing average costing, the QOH tab shows current average cost of inventory in stock
  • Customer Marketplace Orders form now allows you to choose a date to go back to.  Previously it was locked at 90 days.
  • Users can now reverse sales transactions that include a declined or other payment error.

Bug Fixes

  • FieldStack locks up when doing a remote connection into a machine running FieldStack (Logmein or Remote Desktop)
  • In Point of Sale, the Last Message box, which holds the last POS Pop-up messages (Give $xx in change) wasn't always getting populated
  • Price Label Type not properly set when adding a consignment item
  • Vendor List is empty on the invoice management screen preventing the ability to filter by vendor
  • On Hand by UPC report wasn't returning items if the item had never been carried by the client, it now properly returns 0.
  • Active Orders screen - If you had a custom order format for a vendor, it was not being utilized here.
  • Invoice Management header didn't add up to the line item details if the details were edited after initial invoice entry.
  • Transactions containing a credit card error line were not able to be reversed