New Features

  • Attribute management system added to FieldStack (image attached)
  • View customer Special Order history in POS
  • Redesign of the Item Edit screen (image attached)


  • Added Store parameter to Transaction Detail Report.
  • Special order screen will prompt for confirmation if no Customer is attached.
  • "Set All" quantity option added to Buying panel when ordering an item.
  • Grid in 'Add an Item' on customer Loyalty Program screen now allows right click and copy functions.
  • Drawer now opens when a non-electronic check transaction completes.
  • Last-updated date is now shown on the first page of the Customer Edit form. 
  • Special Order Maintenance now shows New or Used as an Item Condition rather than prior numeric values.
  • The cash discount is now applied when paying out store credit or a buyback via a check.
  • Changes to duplicate charge handling with TSYS/PAX credit card terminals.
  • Item Listing screen changes:
    • Renamed Item Name column on the Item Listing screen to be Item Description (combines Name and Description information).
    • Future release date items now highlighted in Blue
    • Item Listing screen now supports multi-select (hold shift+click or ctrl+click) for right click options:
      • Edit will bring all selected items to the Bulk Loader screen
      • Add to Promotion in bulk

Bug Fixes

  • Webstore Errors were using server time (now show local time).
  • Emailing from Marketplace failed to send (new marketplace).
  • Customer order history screen was showing incorrect order status (new marketplace).
  • POS search detail panel was not updating after filter.
  • Closing Find Special Orders window was also closing Customer Edit window.