Bring up the item(s) you wish to edit using the top search box or by using the advanced search.

Double-Click the Item Description to bring up the Item Edit screen as pictured below. Some users may not have the ability to edit items and all fields will be read-only.

Information Tab - Key Fields

  • Vendor Code - This sets the item's source path.  These vendor codes are mapped to vendors. This is a great way to group together items and be able to move them from vendor to vendor if needed.
  • Category, Extended Category and Types - These fields are used to group items together for a few reasons, such reporting, pulls and inventory.
  • Start Selling Date - This is the date the item becomes available. A future Start Selling Date will let online customers know that this item won't ship until it is available.
  • Stop Selling Date - With this set to a past date, the system knows the item is no longer available and will no longer attempt to order it from vendors.
  • Taxable - When checked, the sales tax rate of the location will be charged to the customer.

Web Details - Key Fields

  • External Item Name, Item Title, Item Description, Extended Description - This is the text describing the product displayed on your online store. It is also the text used to index it in the search system.
  • External Search Terms - If there are words that people use to find this item that may not be in the Item Name or Title, you can enter them here.
  • Manufacturer Description - Generally it's not advisable to edit this as external data feeds that have HTML descriptions will be populated here.  
  • Web Description won't be overwritten by external data feeds.

Lock Changes - Locks most of the descriptive type fields from being overwritten by external data feeds.

Additional Details - Key Fields
  • In Box Item Quantity - If you must order by the case, this is the case quantity.
  • Is Box Type - If you order cases by the case, then check this. When placing vendor orders which this checked, it will send "1" and expect a full cased to be delivered.  If you order the item as an "Each", then leave this unchecked.
  • Price Label Type - Choose None if you don't label this item individually upon receiving it.
  • Filing Location - This is the location where this item is located in the warehouse