Displaying multiple images of a product can help customers feel more confident in purchasing online. The more information the better, so let's add multiple images to an item. 

In order to add more Web Store images to a product, you will need to use the Item Edit screen. Find the UPC for the product you want to change, and search for it in FieldStack. Double-click the name of the product to open the Item Edit screen. It will look like this:

Click the "Images" tab on the left. (Highlighted in green above) and you will see an Images interface like this:

From here, there are two ways to add images to the product listing:

  • Browse for an image on your machine
  • Get Existing for an image that has already been uploaded to this product previously

When there are images in the product listing already (other than the default image) it will show them in a descriptive list in the dark part of the Images tab on the left. 

Always hit "Save" after you upload each image. The Confirm dialogue box will appear, and ask if you would like to commit these changes. Choose "Yes" to save your image to the database, before you upload another one. When you do Save, it will close the Item Edit screen and you will need to double click the name of the item again, if you want to add another image. Otherwise, check the product on the Web Store and you can see the new image on the product page.