Managing FieldStack Layouts

The FieldStack application introduces the ability to save custom report/grid layouts on applicable screens.  This allows the user to tailor displayed data/information to their organizational liking.  The ability to manage layouts depends on the user and FieldStack (or your IT department) will need to turn on this feature for you before you can use it.

NOTE: Layouts are saved on the machine and are loaded depending on the logged in user.  They will need to be configured on each machine the user wishes to utilize them on.  Layouts are also report-specific. Creating one custom layout will not give you the same custom columns throughout other grids in the application unless you make additional layouts

1) After you have customized layouts enabled for your user you will noticed a tab that says "Choose Layout" will appear on screens where the grid/column layout can be customized.

2) To create a custom layout, click on the "Choose Layout" tab at the top of the screen.  It will then open up a small menu above the results grid where you can select and edit your layout.  Click on "Override Default" and "[UserDefault] will appear in the "Edit" text box.  The [UserDefault] layout will load every time you open the form.

You can also type in a name for other layouts, however, these will not load automatically and will need to be selected each time.  Only the [UserDefault] layout will load automatically.

3) Once you have the layout selected that you want to modify, you can right-click on the grid columns and click "Column Chooser" which will allow you to add several other columns.  You can either double-click these additional columns or drag and drop.  In the same fashion, you can simply drag a column off the grid and it will disappear.  Once you have the columns you want you can drag them around in whichever order you prefer.

4) Once you have your column headers organized how you'd like you you must click the check-mark next to [UserDefault] (or whatever layout you may be adjusting) and this will save the layout for you.  That's it!  you're done!