There are two kinds of pages that can be added to the Web Store, Category Pages and Content Pages. Both of these page types can be created under the Edit Web Store Content button under the Marketplaces tab in FieldStack. 

First, you will want to find the Edit Web Store Content button under the Marketplaces tab. Then, select Section Type "Content" at the top of the left hand column. 

Creating Content Pages

The first thing you will do every time you create a new Content Page is to click the "New" button in the bottom left hand corner of the Web Store Content Management screen.  

This New button will create a new page, which is visible in the left hand column. It will have an automatically assigned Section Id, so you never have to worry about that. Section Name will continue to be blank until you fill in the information in the Info tab, on the right side of the Web Store Content Management window. 

The Info Tab

There are several parts of this tab that will be necessary to fill out in order to make a new Content page ready to publish. 

Content Type

This will always be "Content" when you are creating a Content page. 

Content Key & Custom Key

This will be whatever you want the URL to become. If you type "Grooming", the URL will be "/content/Grooming/". If you type "Services", the URL will be "/content/Services/". 

Name, Extended Name, and Page Title

The name of your page that you want to show up in the Web Store Content Management and throughout the website. 


This will automatically generate based on the Content Key you chose. 


This will be a list of SEO keywords that you can apply to the page. They will help the page appear in search results when someone is looking for a relevant site, including yours. 


The description that shows up under the name of the page when someone sees it on Google and other search engines. 


What shows up in the head of the browser when a customer is on the website. 

SEO Name

The title that shows up when someone sees this page as a result on Google and other search engines. 


If you so choose to add a promotion, it will appear after your HTML content on the content page you are creating. This is where you would select it, much like in Category Page creation

The HTML Tab

The HTML tab allows you to control any content that you want to appear on the page, in a number of different fields. 

You can edit four types of information that will define this page's design and content:

Primary Content and Footer Content

Simply click "Edit Content" or "Edit Footer" and an HTML/WYSIWYG form will pop up. You can find the article on how to use the HTML/WYSIWYG form here. When you Edit Content, the form that pops up will look like this:


Layout will offer you multiple layouts for displaying the content that you want. In this case, the Grooming page is a single column designed to share information about this business's grooming offers for customers. There are a number of layouts to choose from, including some that allow you to add Attribute based tiles to the page. For now, most of the necessary layouts you'll need are either One Column or Two Column pages. 

Attribute Tiles

Attribute Tiles will allow you to choose different tiles that you would like to show up on the Content page you are working on.

Don't forget to hit "Save" often, both inside the Content Editor form and in the Web Store Content Management tab (bottom left corner).